Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ascension Thursday

Today is Ascension Thursday in real life. (In the alternate universe of the Archdiocese of Hollywood, which from time to time impinges on my consciousness, Ascension Thursday occurs on a Sunday. Must be some rupture in the space/time continuum.) And in real life there was a glorious Missa Cantata celebrated last night, after first vespers, for the feast:

(You can click on that to make it legible.)
The celebrant and preacher was Fr Oppenheimer, prior of the Canons of the New Jerusalem. The canons are a tiny order but they make up in holiness what they lack in numbers. And Fr Oppenheimer gives a gripping sermon. The words "Great Apostasy" occurred last night. In the interrogative, to be sure, but when did you last hear them in a sermon?

The Cantores Sancti Augustini mentioned in the flyer are a 4 voice schola - not just a four-part schola, but literally four people: SATB, one each. And they were a delight. (The alto was fighting a chest cold and deserves a medal or something for a fine performance under very adverse circumstances indeed.) They sang the ordinary parts and several motets and the CNJ schola sang the Gregorian propers.

It was a long Mass - a nickel's change from two hours - but not a moment too long. I'm still raised slightly off the ground this morning.

You shoulda been there.