Sunday, April 11, 2010

Taken From a Sitting Position

That's me, my podiatric boot, and one ghillie brogue. It was taken last night at The Plighted Troth Ball from, as the headline proclaims, a sitting position. Because I was not dancing. Again.

This is very annoying. The music was outstanding. And there was I, hobbling about instead of walking. And not dancing. It was like going on a diet and spending the evening in a bakery. I played for the grand march to open the evening, which went fairly well. Except it was a bit fast once I got into Mairi's Wedding. Gotta learn to slow down when MW is a march instead of a reel. Coulda been worse. I haven't practiced enough lately. To do that it's best to stand and walk about. Not my strong suit at the moment.

So if I'm going to grump about it, why do I go? Because the music is still wonderful and it's better being there than not being there. It brings to mind the lyrics of the old tune St Anne's Reel:

There's magic in the fiddler's arm, there's magic in this town,
There's magic in the dancers' feet and the way they put them down;
Smiling people everywhere, boots and ribbons, locks of hair,
Laughter, old blue suits and Easter gowns.

Perhaps kilts instead of old blue suits, but otherwise, spot on.