Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Folding Money Isn't Accepted In Hades

So don't leave home without coin of the realm.

This post from The Indentured Servant Girl provided some useful financial planning for the afterlife. Even though Old Nick and his devotees in DC prefer to enforce reliance here in the land of the living on the gummint's little green pieces of paper - and it's non-paper, digital entries in the Fed's computers, too, for that matter - apparently neither are any good in the netherworld itself. There you're going to have to cross some palms with silver. The king's shilling. Doubloons. Pieces of eight. Maple Leafs. Kruggerands, even.

O.K., let's not push an analogy too far. (If gold gets you to Hades, does a pound note or a green-back-dollar get you to heaven?) But. . . . on balance, it still reminded me that even though AliObama and the 40 thieves want their health care programme mandatory for you, they themselves have made. . . .other arrangements.