Friday, October 02, 2009

If You Can't Stand the Heat. . . .

. . . .go for a sail. After a short respite, we're back into the 90s. Hotter than the hinges of hell as my grandfather used to say. Not sure why the hinges of hell should be hotter than any other part of it, but it does have a rhythm to it. So more pictures of water from last week for no other reason that I enjoy looking at them in this heat. (The pictures are enormous on Firefox; specifying "small" in the loading software doesn't help. But Opera presents them in a reasonable size, although if you want humongous you can click on them and achieve same. No idea what happens using Mickey$oft's Internet Exploder.)

Leaving the marina.

Still in the marina.

One of the Long Beach oil islands

Water, water everywhere. . . .

The Long Beach Yacht Club in the distance. I've played pipes here for a few events, weddings, anniversaries, and a memorial service or two for members.

A marina-view restaurant, fronted by The City of Long Beach. (Not the actual city, no. That's the name of the boat.)

From the dock; a forest of masts.