Friday, September 11, 2009

Carefully, carefully. . . .

The brand new pc has been cured of its user-inflicted maladies and is humming along as it ought to. The tech did a wonderful job of putting it back to its original out-of-the-box order. And I have carefully and oh so judiciously loaded the proper programmes of the correct type and in the correct order followed after careful examination by the files salvaged from the old pc. No more dumping all sort of odds and ends that might be useful if I knew what they were into the new box. The only thing left to get is the file of my old emails. I can't find where Eudora stores them and then transferring them so that they will be readable on the new pc presents a separate problem. Always assuming I can catch the old pc in one of its friendlier moods when the old video card and mother board decide to work.

I suppose there's no hope of retrieving my old address book on Eudora short of copying it out by hand.

All of which means that if I owe you an email your chances of getting it are considerably reduced unless I have your address from another source. A reminder to The_Inn at verizon dot com would be useful in that regard.