Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ss Petri & Pauli

It was their joint feast day yesterday. There is some really fascinating stuff about the feast and its history in the Blessed Cardinal Schuster's Liber Sacramentorum which I had hoped to put up yesterday. But in the end it was too much of a good thing and not enough time. Puttering about in the nascent garden took a longer than expected (at the moment much of it is a swath of dirt - hard packed California adobe brick dirt) and time for the Monday advanced class arrived before I knew it. No time left for the blogification of the sanctoral cycle.

But as today is St Paul's day there is some nice stuff about this day which I hope to put up. It's a bit shorter and it looks like I'll have some time this evening. I've a funeral to do later this afternoon which should warm up the fingers for some industrious touch-typing in the evening.

I didn't mention it on the day but last Sunday's collect is a wonderful, short prayer for the the world and the church particularly apt in hoc tempore:

Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that the world may be regulated in its course by Thy governance for our peace, and that Thy Church may with tranquil devotion rejoice. Through Our Lord.