Saturday, May 02, 2009

Some Piping for the Weekend. . . .

I don't think I've ever posted any piobaireachd. This will remedy that oversight. I've been corresponding with someone last week who happened upon The Inn while looking for something else. She's not only a traditional Catholic and a Chestertonian but a piper with a fondness for piobaireachd. A link to her blog will appear in the left-hand column when I get a moment. So I've been thinking about piobaireachd for a couple of days along with regrets that I hadn't progressed very far with it when my teacher moved on.

In any event, here is Jori Chisholm playing My King Has Landed in Moidart. The introduction is done by Ken Eller, a.k.a. "The Captain".

"My King" is a long piobaireachd and has a problem with the You Tube 10 minute limit. Ergo, Part II:

(So, what's "piobaireachd" I hear you ask, as well you might. The short answer is that it's the classical music of the Highland Bagpipe. You'll find a pretty good discussion here. Of course, you'll also find someone to argue with almost every statement made in the article. But that's the nature of our race and our vocation. We like arguing about the music as much as we like the music.)