Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Speaking of Book-Burning. . . .

. . . .which we weren't exactly, although Someone Else was just recently, a link to this article arrived in my inbox this morning. And this isn't just a bit of fun with one copy of one silly book. This is the United States government in the person of the Consumer Product Safety Commission deciding that children's literature published before 1985 should be as unavailable as possible.

Apparently our beloved protectors in Washington have discovered that legions of tiny tots throughout the land, having wolfed down entire five foot shelves of pre-1985 books, are being struck down with lead poisoning. No actual cases at this point, but it stands to reason doesn't it, what with all those lead-filled chidren's books out there. And one can't be too careful if one is a consumer product safety commissioner.

Of course, this will leave Heather and her Two Mommies prominently on the bookshelf and Laura Ingalls Wilder not so much. But that's just a co-incidence.