Saturday, December 20, 2008

The O Antiphons

We are in the final days of Advent and the "O" antiphons are being sung for the Magnificat at Vespers each evening until Christmas. In years past I have posted the texts and the chants (the dots, anyway) for the antiphons and a few comments. This year Recta Ratio and Fr Zuhlsdorf have outdone anything The Inn ever put up. Tom Fitzpatrick has posted not only the texts and some commentaries but a recording of the chants for each day. Go to here to Recta Ratio and scroll down to the 17 December post to begin. (The direct link to the beginning is here. But it only shows the one post so you'll have to go back to the top and scroll down anyway. Such are the vagaries of Blogspot.)

Fr Zuhlsdorf provides some additional useful commentary. Once again, it's probably easiest to go to the top of his page here and scroll down to the 17 December entry to begin. Or you could go here for the direct links to those posted so far.