Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Adventures with Earthlink

Still no internet connection on the pc. Earthlink was still promising early solutions as of yesterday . . .I think. ELNK, it's known on Wall Street, seems to do all of its business from India and I have as yet not mastered the subtleties of the various accents of the Asian subcontinent. So perhaps the gentleman was only commenting on the weather or wishing me a pleasant evening.

I don't know whether he is of the same opinion still, for in attempting to fix the internet connection, they have now also bolloxed our telephone service: he can't call me and I can't call him or anyone else from the home phone. My new multi-talented phone/pda has turned out to be more useful than I ever imagined.

If you were thinking about signing up with Earthlink, I would suggest almost anything instead, including two Dixie cups and piece of string.