Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friday the 13th. . . .

. . . .comes on a Wednesday this month.

The big cable news folks have finally discovered Russia v. Georgia.

One could almost wish they hadn't. Useful information is still pretty thin on the ground. What we get are principally pictures of refugees and an astonishing hankering for us ("us" being the U.S.A., that nation currently bogged down, wasting its resources, and deconstructing its army in Iraq) to get involved on Georgia's side. And not just Faux News, the broadcast home of world-wide neocon belligerence, either. They're all on about it, The Times, the lot of them. Even St Obama's statement seemed a little wistful about being left out.

Most of what one needs to know can be found here. (Thanks, Jerry.)

It's still inexplicable to me why Washington thinks it necessary to make an enemy out of Russia. As the referenced article points out, we need them more than the need us.