Monday, August 18, 2008

Choosing up sides. . . . .

. . . .gets harder all the time.

Take this one which came down this morning from the Supreme Court of the State of California:

This morning the California Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a person’s “civil rights” based on sexual orientation trump the religious freedom and free speech of a physician. A lesbian, upset by the refusal of two Christian physicians to artificially inseminate her, had sued the doctors, even though they had provided a referral to another practitioner who didn’t share their moral objections.

Siding once again on the side of a civil “right” based on sexual orientation, the California Supreme Court continued its arrogant disregard for religious freedom and speech. While our nation’s founders placed great stock in religious freedom and free speech, these basic freedoms are being silenced in the promotion of sexual rights. California Family Council Executive Director Ron Prentice commented, “This decision by the court is telling every physician and every mental health counselor and psychologist that their beliefs are getting in the way of government. As the courts and government continue to pander to a powerful homosexual lobby, opposing voices are being silenced and opposing viewpoints are being quashed.”

The quotation is from something called the "California Family Council", who probably mean well. But the whole thing is preposterous. What sort of "Christian" physicians are these who perform artificial insemination? Apparently they only object to performing immoral acts upon homosexuals. If you're a married heterosexual, they'd be happy to help send you to hell.

Their astonishing claims of Christian conscience have resulted in an impossible
situation for pro-life and otherwise normal people. No doubt the next step in the homosexualist plan will be to force doctors who actually are Christian to perform artificial insemination.

So, in order to support the pro-life conscience, we appear to have been maneuvered into supporting these illogical and immoral putative Christian consciences.


If you want to see what The Supremes actually had to say for themselves you can find it here in pdf format.