Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Secular Blasphemy

There was a pointed letter in The Times this morning. Unusual for The Times, which is accustomed to publishing only the hurt bleatings of the sensitive left.

It seems someone named Penn Jillette recently claimed not to understand global warming or whether it was a real phenomenon. Ever since he's been dodging bricks, stones, and rotten tomatoes from the unco guid. This morning's letter-writer pointed out that what Mr Jillette really failed to understand is that global warming, which had started out as a theory and become a political movement, was now a religion. Poor Mr Jillette. He didn't realize he was in the middle of a revival meeting when he stood up and claimed to be an agnostic.

I can't find an online location for the letters section of The Times. It's probably there but my research talents don't appear to be up to the task of finding it. If you want to try you can start here.