Friday, July 04, 2008

The Glorious Fourth

as it used to be known, is here again. It is occasionally remembered as the almost anniversary (it was actually July 2d, so they tell me) of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. But here in the Athens of Los Angeles County it is largely an occasion for setting off explosions and safe-and-sane (sic) incendiary devices. We take "bombs bursting in air" and "the rockets red glare" quite seriously in this corner of the Republic.

This year we will be at a gathering elsewhere and will miss the local festivities. But we won't be without pyrotechnics. The hostess has a condo at the top of Signal Hill with a wonderful view of the fireworks display at the Queen Mary a few miles away in the harbor. There is also a balcony suitable for the playing of patriotic anthems on the Great Highland Bagpipe.

If the local frenzy of patriotic arson spares us in our absence, it should be a very jolly Fourth. And we wish you a happy one, too.