Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thinking of Helping with the Fuel Crisis? Don't.

If you're in California, better check with the state gummint first.

David Eck didn't
. He took it upon himself to convert his vehicles so that they would be fueled by "used fryer grease from a local chowder house."

Well, you see the problem don't you. Now the state wants all sorts of fines and back taxes from Mr Eck:

He didn't get a diesel fuel suppliers license.

He didn't report quarterly how many gallons of grease he burns.

He didn't pay a tax on each gallon.

He didn't pay an 18¢ road tax for each gallon he used.

And he didn't get a license to carry away kitchen grease from the California Meat and Poultry Inspection Branch.

Ah, the land of the semi-free and the home of the frustrated.