Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another of those sentences that explain so much

I've been sort of idly wondering about the reaction to the Scott McClellan book. One would expect the cries of "Treason!" from the Bush camp. That's what I'd be hollering were I a Bushite. But what gives with these other folks whom you would think would be welcoming him on board? Not keeping me awake nights, you understand, but it did seem a bit odd.

Then this in this morning's Wall Street Journal from the redoubtable Miss Noonan:

Those in the mainstream media who want to see the president unmasked, who want to see the administration revealed as something dark, do not want to be caught cheering on the unmasker.

The left, while embracing the book's central assertions, will paint him as a weasel who belatedly 'fessed up. They're big on omertà on the left. It's part of how they survive.

The left and the code of the mafia. What a fascinating insight.