Tuesday, April 15, 2008

America Welcomes the Holy Father

The American Media does it in its own special way. Media Research Center illustrates for us:

ABC's Harris Sees 'Controversial' 'Hardliner' Pope with 'Tin Ear'
CBS Labels Pope 'Hardliner'; Interviews Left-Wing Priest
CBS's Smith: 'Americans Maybe Little Unsure or Fearful' of Pope
Maher: 'Pope Used to Be a Nazi;' Compares Church to Mormon Cult

And many of our fine politicians have decided sacrilege would be another wonderful way to welcome the Holy Father. From Mike Allen's "Playbook":

In the lead story of Politico's print edition, Josephine Hearn and Ryan Grim report that Pope's visit is "pitting anti-abortion-rights activists against Roman Catholic lawmakers who support abortion rights, reviving an issue that has received scant attention in Congress or on the campaign trail in recent months":

"The conflict could come to a head Thursday, when the pope is scheduled to celebrate a Mass at the Washington Nationals' new ballpark. The Vatican has invited all Catholic lawmakers, and many abortion-rights-supporting Catholics — including Kerry and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — are expected to attend. … [Sen. John] Kerry spokesman David Wade said his boss also intends to take Communion on Thursday."