Friday, March 21, 2008

Politics: Running Barefoot Through the News

The political week, however, has been filled with entertainment.

Hillary finally released over eleven thousand pages of single-spaced typescript showing how qualified for the presidency you can get presiding over White House dinners and inventing failed health care plans. But not, alas, containing the fun stuff. Newsweek noticed.

Senator McCain didn't do anything very entertaining. He went overseas and did his best to look Presidential, which he does very well.

I see in The Times this morning he's not getting anywhere near the level of contributions the Democrats are. Not difficult to believe. A writer, I think in The Wanderer, recently summed up McCain's platform in three lines:

Your jobs aren't coming back.
The illegals aren't going home.
And we're going to have war for 100 years.

Hard to resist an appeal like that.