Friday, February 15, 2008

That Stimulus Nonsense

So says Arthur Laffer here, wherein he finds yet another reason to find the "stimulus package" to be Not A Good Thing.

The other reason is Ron Paul's widely quoted amazement that anyone thinks that borrowing money from China to give to Americans to buy Chinese products (pretty much all that's sold in America these days) will help the American economy.

Stream of consciousness take-off from the word "stimulus": St Paul wanted no part of a "stimulus": datus est mihi stimulus carnis meæ, angelus Satanæ ut me colaphizet. IICor.12:vii

Was it ever good?

stimulus~i, masc. 1. A goad (for urging on animals). b (used as an instrument of torture) c soldier's nickname for a spike concealed in the ground; (applied also to spikes as an instrument of torture).
2 Something that causes constant mental torment or unrest, a 'prick', 'sting' (of anxiety, grief, etc.).
3 Something that rouses to fury or passion, to an action, a spur, a goad.
from the Oxford Latin Dictionary

Yes, of course, thoroughly unfair. The "stimulus package" is English and not Latin. Not the same thing at all. Ignore all that "stream of consciousness" bumpf. Just read Professor Laffer's article.


"For urging on animals." "As an instrument of torture."

Latin is such fun.