Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This votin' for president wheeze is turning out to be lots more fun than I had anticipated. Yes, my candidate - whom you can hardly fail to have noticed over there on the left hand side of the page - is not, shall we say, the odds on favourite to win. But contrary to my preternaturally pessimistic prediction, neither is he at the bottom of the pile. He has, in fact, trounced the terrifyingly inappropriate Rudy Giuliani and made serious impacts on the debate. As of this morning, Thompson is broke and gone and Dr Paul is still in the race. Something like hope is in the air. . . .something almost like a chance.

Even the Democratic half of the race is great fun to watch. It would be better than a Laurel and Hardy movie, if the likelihood that one of those yo-yos were going to be president wasn't so great. Watch Mrs Bill try to attack Obama without alienating the black vote. Watch Obama try to attack Mrs Bill without alienating the feminist vote. Watch Mr Bill forget in mid speech that it is not actually he that is running for president.

And there're 11 months to go.