Friday, October 26, 2007

Health Care Crisis

“-- old Dr Blacklock. A real old pigheaded bully, absolutely set in his ways, and convinced that everything he thought and said was right. Probably killed thousands of patients through obstancy. He wouldn't stand for any new ideas or methods.

“I don't know that I blame him there,” said Miss Marple. “I always feel that the young doctors are only too anxious to experiment. After they've whipped out all our teeth, and administered quantities of very peculiar glands, and removed bits of our insides, they then confess that nothing can be done for us. I really prefer the old-fashioned remedy of big black bottles of medicine. After all, one can always pour those down the sink.”
A Murder is Announced - Agatha Christie

No, don't look for a deep meaning. I was just re-reading an old favourite and that made me laugh out loud.