Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Poll

Well, you've all probably seen it linked somewhere else. But for the two or three who may have missed it, the primaries have been held and the final election on what to call the Roman Rite in St Blog's is now being held here.

Unfortunately, it appears that "Tridentine" is a front-runner. I'm afraid I agree with the late Fr Houghton that "Tridentine" sounds like something for people with three teeth. I would've gone for "traditional Roman Rite" if I had got there in time for the primaries. (Last week was rather fully occupied and didn't allow for much time on the pc.) In my particularly snarky moods, just plain "Roman Rite"; not to be confused with the "Bugninian Rite". The problem with that (other than the caritas problem) is that it's confusing. I know what I mean by Roman Rite but no one else will.

Oh, well. You can decide at Fr Zuhlsdorf's site.

I may apply for a terminological dispensation.