Monday, August 20, 2007

Unlooked for Grace

This blogging wheeze has unexpected benefits.

I have used Window Washer for ten years or so on various PC's. It used to clean up the assorted detritus that the net and Microsoft's hoarding tendencies accumulated on the computer. But this last version (edition 6.5 if you're taking notes) also took it upon itself to eliminate all of my bookmarks and saved passwords on the Opera browser. It also eliminated all of my settings on Eudora, the e-mail client. Eudora came out of that particular "wash" assuming it was a brand new programme with no knowledge of having been registered or that it had ever been connected to any ISP. Rectifiable, but a nuisance.

The bookmark loss, however, may be unrecoverable. It was backed up. Not recently, alas, but that should still mean that I have 14 of the last 15 years worth of bookmarks. Except the back up won't load on this machine.

!#$%&^!!, as I was heard to remark.

The small ray of light has been The Inn. The blogroll, which I have often felt was somewhat over-done, contains the nucleus of a re-build of the old bookmarks file. There is still an enormous amount missing, including whole topics and areas of research not remotely alluded to on The Inn. But still. Thank God for small, unexpected favours.

In the meantime, does anyone know the e-mail address of a Canadian vendor of Highland dress and assorted piping paraphernalia? They don't sell pipes or kilts but they had an interesting selection of tunics and, in particular, a nice, pale blue set of drone cords that I had my eye on before the Great Bookmark Disaster of Aught Seven. I think were called something like "Glengarry Hats" as that was their original product. Google seems not to have heard of them. Yahoo thinks I want a copy of a video of something called "Glengarry, Glen Ross". If you happen to know the address of the folks I'm referring to, a note to "" would be much appreciated.

[FOUND: It's here. I think I tried that address the other day. Given my spelling talents, I think we can guess why I didn't find it. . . .]