Thursday, August 23, 2007

St Eoghan

Now, I have got the right day for the feast of St Eoghan of Tyrone. It's today: the 23d of August. His is the patronal feast of the Diocese of Derry. St Eoghan founded in County Tyrone the Diocese of Ard Stratha (pronounced and usually spelled in English Ardstraw) and over time it has been subsumed into the Diocese of Derry. The Cathedral of St Eugene is named after him. (There has been a great deal of bogus "translating" of Gaelic names and somewhere along the line "Eoghan" - even if pronounced "Owen" and etymologically related to "John" - became "Eugene".) D'Arcy in her book in Irish saints, claims St Kevin of Glendalough as his nephew.

There are some views of the neo-Gothic St Eugene's Cathedral here showing it in its unfortunate "renovated" state. Not as bad as it could have been. But you can still see here, behind the hulking white marble blob, the remains of Gothic decency.