Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New: Daily Mass in the Traditional Rite in Dublin

Well, that's what the post that used to be here said. It seems the announcement was, uh, premature. A "clarification" from Fr Zulsdorf's page;

The Archbishop of Dublin made no such announcement as described. The announcement made from the pulpit in St. Audoen’s, High St, Dublin 8 was made by Father Gerard Deighan, but Father Deighan emphasised that the Archbishop was considering the arrangement substantially suggested in the article, but that he had made no final decision in this regard. At the moment, there is a process of consultation and negotiation which are ongoing. You will appreciate that there are substantial and powerful enemies of the extraordinary form in the Dublin Archdiocese, so for this reason, I would be very grateful if the posting in question was either withdrawn or clarified.

Oh, well. Too much good news is bad for the digestion anyway.

[Confirmation from Fr Zuhlsdorf here.]