Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Mither Tongue

If you were curious about The Maiglin Hogney, a new website may be just your cuppa tae.

The Scots Project
has put on line "a Corpus of Scottish texts from 1945 to the present day". It contains all that was written of any significance at all in the the braid Scots tongue. Such as the story that begins:

The war aince a man that haed thrie braw sons, but wi smaw fendin ti plenish thaim. Sae whan the auldest ane wes mair nor a hauflin, he gaed til his faither an said til him:

“Faither, an ye wul be sae guid as ti gie me a horse for ti ryde on, a hound ti hunt wi, Ah wul gang oot inti the warld an seek ma fortuin.”

You'll find the exciting conclusion here.