Sunday, August 12, 2007

Interesting Week Last Week

Played for a wedding. Teddibly posh. Held in “the O.C.” at a hotel the size of a small university. At first glance, I thought I had walked in on the Paris Hilton Look-Alike Contest. But, no. Only bridesmaids. Just bridesmaids. And I swear on a stack of bishops, they were paired with a sort of American version of the Drones Club. There were no buns present on the lawn with which to have a bun fight. But had there been, I have no doubt there would have been.

I won't bore you with all the details but it was quite a do. There was a whole platoon of wedding co-ordinators with clip-on microphones and bluetooth earpieces, at least a dozen photographers (not counting the video folks), a string trio, and another piper. They hired the both of us independently of each other and expected us to play together on the spot. As it happens, the other piper was a friend of mine and our tuning needed only minor adjustment to be spot on. It worked out well. But the co-ordinator folks did like to keep it exciting.

And one of our nephews is out from Ireland, working in California for the summer at assorted jobs with varied success and sampling the Hollywood night life with apparently a great deal more success. So on Saturday we took him about for the day, introduced him to one of his cousins, showed him some of The Queen City of the Southwest (that's Long Beach, for the uninitiated), gave him a good lunch, bought him some groceries, and returned him to his digs in time for his late date.

Herself and I then went home and had a cup of tea and watched the news.