Monday, June 25, 2007

Endorsements and Such

You may have noticed the "Ron Paul President '08" button on the blogroll. No, The Inn has not gone all libertarian on you. But there isn't a distributist candidate and Congressman Paul seems to me to be the best of the available Republican lot. One would love to have an old-time Democrat to vote for. You can just about make out the text of the Al Smith campaign button that has adorned the bottom of the blogroll for the past couple of years. But the sorry lot that have taken over Governor Smith's party have made a Democrat vote from me a near impossibility.

So, for now Congressman Paul gets the blogroll endorsement and the couple of bucks that an impoverished reed player can afford to send along.

(If you really have no use for the Congressman, though, cheer up: the odds of him getting the nomination are very small and in the unlikely event that he should do so, the current incumbent has made it impossible for whoever wins the GOP nod to win the election.)