Saturday, May 05, 2007

St Pius V

And today is the old Roman feast of Pope St Pius V who codified the ancient Roman liturgy and made it available to the western world.

O God, Who for the overthrow of the enemies of Thy church and for the restoration of divine worship didst vouchsafe to choose blessed Pius as supreme Pontiff: grant that we may be defended by his patronage and so cleave to Thy service, that overcoming all the wiles of our enemies, we may rejoice in perpetual peace. Through Christ our Lord.

Deus, qui ad conterendos Ecclesiæ hostes, et ad divinum cultum reparandum, beatum Pium Pontificem maximum eligere dignatus es: fac nos ipsius defendi præsidiis, et ita tuis in hærere obsequiis: ut, omnium hostium superatis insidiis, perpetua pace lætemur. Per Dominum nostrum.

In the Carmelite calendar, this is the feast of St Angelus who was Palestinian of Jewish origin. His mother became a Catholic and the children followed along. Angelus became a Carmelite, living at various times the eremitical life and that of a great preacher. He died in Sicily. Wikipedia has one of the more extensive biographies of him here.