Saturday, December 16, 2006


Bl Mary of the Angels

Today is the feast day of another of those headstrong, steely-eyed women that the old holy card painters never seemed to have in mind when they produced their creations. There are a few rather spare lives of Blessed Mary on the web, most of them reiterations of the little one paragraph life given in the breviary. This page provides a bit more information. The second nocturn for her feast has even more but I am out of time for translation. (I've a wedding to do in Dana Point shortly and it looks to be coming on to rain.) Perhaps next year.

For now, her collect:

Deus, qui beatæ Mariæ Virgini tuæ angelicis dedisti moribus vivere: præsta nobis famulis tuis; ut, eius imitatione carnis superatis illecebris, Angelorum consortium consequei mereamur. Per Dominum.

O God, Who hast made the blessed Mary, Thy Virgin, to live like an angel: grant to us Thy servants that, following in her footsteps, we may overcome the desires of the flesh and be worthy to enjoy the companionship of the angels: through our Lord.