Tuesday, October 03, 2006

St Therese Again

It's St Therese's feast day again today if you follow the traditional calendar. I think she would have preferred to be honoured on the third rather than the first. French patriot that she was, I can't see her wanting to eclipse St Remigius, the Apostle of the Gauls, who baptized Clovis and inaugurated the French Catholic monarchy.

There is a mountain of information on St Therese on the web. There are several editions of her autobiography for sale; the original English version of the French edited by her sister, can be found for free here. ICS has a translation of her original text without the helpful emendations her sister made to preserve the family's privacy. TAN has several works by and about her. And there is much on the web about her life.

The Inn will settle for a few pictures:

Therese's father, Louis Martin

Therese's mother, Zelie Guerin Martin

Les Buissonet, Therese's home in Lisieux

Her dog, "Tom", her "faithful walking companion"

Therese at 15, with her hair up so as to appear older to the bishop who might then give her permission to enter Carmel

Sr Therese in Carmel