Friday, July 21, 2006

Apparently the World Soccer Clamjamfrey is Over

I seem to have missed it. I had more snarkey asides saved up for it but I am reliably informed that it has been over for quite a while now and that some team in Europe won it. My Reliable Informant is open-mouthed in astonishment that anyone could be so cloistered in 2006 as to miss an event of such World Significance. Nevertheless, it is so. Although I in my turn cannot fathom the depth of ignorance exhibited by my Reliable Informant as to the status of the race for the American League, Western Divisional title. Personally, I attribute it to R.I.'s parochial upbringing outwith North America where the glories of the National Pastime are hardly known.

And so long as we're mentioning the National Pastime, a few comments:

1. Could someone please teach Ervin Santana some control.

2. There are other ways of scoring runs than swinging for the centerfield seats every time. Remember how you* did it in 2002? Bunts, walks, base-stealing, sacrifices, line drives.

[*"you" = the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim just up the road from San Diego.]

3. Barry Bonds is on the front page of the sports section. Again. Probably deservedly so. But could someone explain to me why the NFL gets a free pass on the steroids thing? Look at the size of those guys. All from three squares and plenty of exercize?

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

I had a few more pontifications in mind this morning. But it is now noon on Friday and there is nothing in the house for dinner that doesn't contain meat. So off to the market. And if I still remember what at the moment seems so important, I will belabor you with it later this afternoon.