Monday, June 19, 2006

Holy Hill Vandalized

I learned today that the midwest's great Carmelite shrine of Our Lady Help of Christians, known for a century as "Holy Hill", was vandalized last week. The Milwaukee Journal carried the first report here. It seems the local buttonheads were entranced by the date: 6/6/2006 which they apparently think is equivalent to sescenti sexaginta sex as related in St John's Apocalypse.

According to the next day's Journal, it didn't take long, or much work, to grab the two cretins involved:

Tyler Groth was arrested on the Holy Hill grounds on Wednesday, as he and his cousin showed four friends the vandalism from the night before, according to a deputy's report. David Groth ran off that night but was arrested Friday morning, hiding behind a bed in a friend's home in Richfield, Rahn said.

And for motive: "I'm a punk. It's what I do."

[Addendum: Link to another story about the vandalism.]