Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dom Fernando

The Wanderer, as a newspaper, in indispensable. It doesn't matter whether one approves of all of its positions. There is so much in each issue that isn't reported anywhere else. If nothing else, the homosexualist infiltration into the clergy was reported there years before any other news outlet could be bothered.

Its website, alas, is another story. Not only very disappointing in its content - very incomplete - but for reasons known only to God and Bill Gates five minutes of access to it causes my computer to crash. (There only two others that do that: one dedicated to Our Lady and another put up by some pipers in the USMC. If I were Dan Brown, I'd find a connection there.) You can find The Wanderer's website here. But don't linger more than 5 minutes; just note the address so you can take out a subscription to the print copy.

Brian Mershon's articles on the liturgical wars appear regularly in The Wanderer and I first saw them there. But it seems they are not confined to TW's pages. Several have also appeared on the Renew America website. (No, nothing to do with that "Renew". Brian is on the side of the angels.)

The latest is an interview with Dom Fernando Rifan, the Bishop of the traditional apostolic prefecture of Campos, Brazil. As Brian points out, "Bishop Fernando Rifan is the sole bishop in the world in full canonical communion with the Holy See who offers the Classical Roman liturgy exclusively." As such, he is the "spiritual father" of a great many Catholics of traditional inclination throughout the world. Dom Fernando's insights are worth a read. You can find Brian's interview with him here.