Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Everything Was Up-To-Date in Kansas City

And now the new bishop is ruining it all. The National Catholic Reporter is not pleased. The NCR provides the litany of horrors here. Imagine: no more Richard McBrien in the diocesan paper; no more diocesan supported master's degree programme for laymen in "pastoral ministry"; 50% budget reduction in the Office of Peace (sic) and Justice (sic); a separate Pro-Life Office is established; "a 'zero-based study' of adult catechesis in the diocese" is mandated with a new director; and the bishop is a member of Opus Dei. Dan Brown himself couldn't be more upset.

Of course, I sort of chuckled through the whole thing. But then I would, wouldn't I.

Heretics all, whomever you be
From Tarbes to Nimes or over the sea
You never shall have kind words from me.
Caritas non conturbat me.

I saved the best for last:

In 1988, Bishop John Sullivan gave permission for a regular celebration of the Latin Mass using the 1962 pre-Vatican II rite. In 1994, Bishop Raymond gave the Latin Mass community a home in a city parish. By August 2005 the community numbered about 200 members, and Finn announced it would be its own parish with its own church.

He gave the community Old St. Patrick Church, in downtown Kansas City. The parish was suppressed in 1959, but the building, which dates from 1875, was used as an oratory under the care of the nearby cathedral.

Finn appointed a priest of the Institute of Christ the King, a religious community of priests specially trained to preserve the Latin Mass rituals, as rector to see to the community’s day-to-day needs, but he named himself pastor.

According to a story in the Aug. 19, 2005, Catholic Key, Finn told the Latin community, “You will be receiving my support in various ways. It is my intention to see this community prosper.” He promised he would celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation for the parish at Old St. Patrick according to the pre-Vatican II rites.

That last bit is in a separate sidebar here.