Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Post festo S Patricii

You have probably assumed by now that I did not, in fact, survive the first gig. It was a near run thing to be sure. The poor old drone reeds were soaked at the end of three hours and didn't survive. The final set at that site was done with only intermittent drone accompaniment. But I and my embouchure appear to have muddled through. For the second gig the number one pipe was swabbed and opened up to dry and I played my old Irish warpipe - the two drone set. That occasion was rather a nice one. [And thanks for the referral, Ziggy.] It was a 40th anniversary Mass for an Irish priest who was born on St Patrick's Day, baptized Patrick, ordained on St Patrick's Day and said the first Mass of his first pastorate on St Patrick's Day. The pipes provided some entrance and exit music and a bit of a serenade at the reception.

A pleasant St Patrick's Day all-in-all, though it was impressed upon me that a better moisture control system is needed. Maybe this one.