Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lyn Nofziger, R.I.P.

Lyn Nofziger was what the press calls a "political operative". I think that's supposed to mean someone deeply involved in politics but who doesn't hold any elective office and probably not an executive one either. In any event, he was one of the more entertaining "poltical operatives" that the last century produced. His political memoir, modestly entitled Nofziger, is a cracking great read. I bought it when it first came out but only got round to reading it when President Reagan died. (He was President Reagan's press officer, campaign manager, and a few other things.) If I had started it when I bought it that wouldn't have happened. Veterans of the political wars of those days won't find it easy to set aside.

The Times has an extensive obituary here.

Lyn had a blog which hasn't been updated since the end of last year, probably due to the advancing cancer. At least for the time being you can find it here and read some of his "musings".