Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Bean Counters Win Again

400 Years of Glory and Valour Consigned to History" says The Scotsman of today's amalgamation parade - or parades - in which Scotland's remaining historic regiments are merged into one. These folks did their best to prevent it but without success. And these folks are doing their best to undo it. Good luck to them.

In the meantime, the soldiers do what they've always done: soldier on.

But without so much music: "Regimental Bands to be Merged in Defense Cuts".

And in lower-quality, foreign-made kilts.

And, it seems, there won't be quite so many of them. The new "SuperRegiment" has had problems with recruiting.

And for a slight change of pace from all this Scottish news, there was this paragraph in the cited article about the regimental bands: However, the band of the Royal Irish Regiment will be disbanded, armed forces minister Adam Ingram said. Pipes and drums only for the Irish, then.