Thursday, February 16, 2006


A Jonah Goldberg column with which I largely agree:

"Compassionate conservatism may have had some intellectual rigor when it was the stuff of egghead journals and think thank conferences, but under Bush it has always been a marketing strategy designed to justify spending vast sums of money."

". . .Republicans and conservatives aren't the same thing. This distinction seems lost on lots of people, including cable televison bark-show bookers and partisan Democrats and Repubicans alike."

Quite a revelation. Up until today I wasn't sure whether "Jonah Goldberg" was a by line for a political column or the meeting minutes of the George Bush Appreciation Society. The Times doesn't print everything from any of its columnists. There may be whole file drawers full of wonderful Goldbergian writing which The Times couldn't quite find room for amongst the bra ads.

And that's "largely" agree, not "completely". There is this: "[I] would have agonized over a choice between a reliably pro-war Democrat and George W. Bush in 2004, particularly if judicial appointments weren't so important."

Ehhhh, no. Make that "pro-life" Democrat and the sentence improves considerably.