Saturday, February 11, 2006

Those Cartoons

Tim Rutten in this morning's Times makes more good sense about the whole kerfuffle than I have seen anywhere. You can find it here. And that was one very difficult column to locate on-line. I read it first in the print edition. But finding it for you on-line took a bit of doing. If, for example, you search for "Tim Rutten" using the search button on the front page you'll find that The Times never heard of its columnist. But with diligent research, we find he's carefully tucked away in the "Entertainment" section. But he's not listed on the front page of the Entertainment section; you have to use the special "Entertainment section" search feature to find him. Getting a little nervous over there on 1st Street are we fellas? Can't say as I blame you.

If you haven't seen the world-famous cartoons yet, the Brussells Journal reprints them for you here. The remarkable thing about them is how unremarkable they are. Oliphant has produced more anti-Catholic cartoons than that on days when he wasn't even commenting on the church. And so far as I know, no one from The Remnant to the National Catholic Reporter has recommended his beheading. Once in a while Bill Donohue and the Catholic League will get particularly exercized about something and call for some letter-writing or even [sharp intake of breath] a boycott. But that's about it. And then we have these fellas. Criminy.