Sunday, February 12, 2006

Forgetfulness II

Michael: Yes, it can occasionally be so. But your wallet is not always and everywhere an annoying thing to forget. If you went out to buy a bottle of zinfandel and a new sporran, a forgotten wallet will be very annoying indeed. But if you only went out for a walk it is of no consequence whatever.

PKB: I don't know how you manage without a watch. It is inconceivable. Without a watch I am lost in the temporal dimension; tempus not only fugit but it reels and spins. With a watch I am properly located in the cosmos. Lunchtime will not come and go without my knowing it.

And, no, the "fourth most annoying thing" isn't, properly so called, a corollary. But it went rather nicely with the "theorem" conceit. So, I think we're going to leave it.