Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another Take

David gently remonstrates with me about my take on Fr McAfee's efforts. And, of course, he is correct. Good efforts need encouragement not gloomy prognostications from the perpetually aggrieved. His thoughts:

By the way, you mention an article in the Washington Times recently, and leave your readers with the impression that nothing may come of such things. Father McAfee has introduced the solemn celebration of Latin Mass according to the reformed missal in two parishes already (facing God, no less), and is about to do so with a third. In all cases, he has brought a treasure of sacred music, and has enhanced adult education wherever he is assigned. That, and he's a great homilist, with that little bit of Bishop Sheen-esque Irish brogue.

Sometimes we can't change everything; just our little corner of it.

Quite right, too.