Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On-Line Liturgical Calendar

For anyone observing the traditional (or "Classical", as our Holy Father calls it) Roman Rite, there is a wonderful little on-line liturgical calendar here. It gives all the appropriate references for celebrating the Mass of the day. The propers in both Latin and English for all the Sundays and many other days are available in both html and pdf format. There is also a printable calendar format colour-coded as to the vestment colour for the day. Quite nice, really, but, alas, they don't reference the particular calendar for the U.S. or Canada -- just the U.K. and Ireland.

(And, yes, I do realize this is an SSPX site. The last time I cited one of their pages I received a couple of warnings on the dangers of schism. Duly noted. If you are worried that your computer will acquire the schism virus upon accessing an SSPX page, consider this your warning. Oddly enough, no one has ever cautioned me about my rather numerous references to the Book of Common Prayer. Is a puzzlement.)

Now. Where was I? Oh, yes. The calendar. Unfortunately, it also doesn't reference any rubrics for the Divine Office. I would think that this would be of even more use as this seems to be an area where it is far easier to get muddled. Prior to the 1955 reforms you needed a Philadelphia lawyer to figure out what to say at Matins. But even under the 1962 regimen it is no walk in the park. A suggestion for the future, dear fathers.

Still and all. A nice book mark for those who want to know what day it is in the classical Roman Rite's general calendar.

And if you're still feeling out of sorts about that SSPX link, you might try this one. The link is to a Vatican Radio page. There you can hear each day an "on demand" broadcast of the new, reformed Pauline Rite Lauds, Vespers, and Compline chanted in Latin at a convent in Rome. Well, mostly in Latin. They broke into French for the chapter and the preces the last couple of times I listened. But still very well done. No guitars, no Grail psalter, no Marty Haugen, no ICEL, no cream-faced loon with a cheesy commentary.

(I've forgoten where I first noted that reference to Vatican Radio. I think it may have been some other resident of St Blog's but I can't find it again. The thanks will have to be in petto unless I find the link again.

UPDATE: Found it. Thanks are due to Fr Zuhlsdorf, where the link to Vatican Radio can be found on the sidebar of his WDTPRS blog, which is just as indispensable as his column with which it shares a name.)