Monday, November 21, 2005

The Religion of Peace

Up close and personal:

An enraged mob was scaling the walls of the Catholic compound in Sangla Hill [Pakistan] as Father Samson Dilawar hurriedly ushered his small group into a safe place.

Nine nuns, four teachers and 23 terrified teenage girls huddled inside an upstairs room of the besieged convent as the crowd broke through the gate. Meanwhile, Father Dilawar climbed onto the roof to watch in horror as the crowd systematically destroyed the mission that had taken almost a century to build.

At least 2,000 men, armed with sticks, hammers and containers filled with flammable substances, swarmed across the parish compound Nov. 12.

They broke into the Church of the Holy Spirit, smashing the marble altar, pulling the vestments from their cupboards and shattering the stained-glass windows.

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