Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pontifical Mass in Dublin

And in the classic Roman Rite, too. This is the first celebrated by an Archbishop of Dublin since the Bugninian Rite was published.

The first I saw it mentioned was in The Wanderer in the 24 November issue. A very brief mention it was with no further information. With a little rooting around I found that The Latin Mass Society of Ireland has some pictures here. Further explanation, though, was missing.

Nevertheless, very good news indeed.

And while I was looking for pontifical Mass information in Dublin, I also found this tantalizing rumour. So: could it be FSSP or ICR? Or SSPX? Or? I would guess that it probably means an Ecclesia Dei group or they wouldn't be waiting for "Church authorities" and going into detail about Ecclesia Dei. But newspapers get religious news so bolloxed one really can't say until it happens. But an official presence of one of the Ecclesia Dei orders in Ireland would be wonderful news indeed especially considering how anti-traditional the Irish hierarchy is in general.

Fac, Domine, ut ab ortu solis usque ad occasum magnificetur nomen tuum in gentibus, ac in omni loco sacrificetur et offeratur nomini tuo oblatio munda!