Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pax Europa

Peace in Europe isn't like peace elsewhere. "The situation remained quiet." So says the official communique from the Belgian Ministry of the Interior. France was quiet as well. Unless you count that during "the 17th consecutive night of rioting, 374 cars were torched and 212 people arrested. In Carpentras, where a mosque had been attacked on Friday night, a school burned down. Lyons, France’s second largest city, witnessed heavy fighting between 'youth' and police yesterday afternoon. It was the first rioting in a city center since the French riots began more than two weeks ago. It was also the first rioting in broad daylight. The city center of Paris witnessed no incidents thanks to the deployment of 3,000 riot police, a quarter of all 12,000 officers that were deployed in the entire country yesterday."

Brussels Journal reports more detail here.

And something on the policing situation in France: this one from the Telegraph and this one from the L.A. Times.