Friday, November 25, 2005

Liturgical Hebrew

This is very interesting. I had never heard of the Hebrew liturgy in Israel. Since it began in 1955 it must have been the traditional Roman Rite done in the Hebrew, much like the Glagolithic churches in Croatia do the traditional Roman Rite in Slavonic.

JERUSALEM, NOV. 24, 2005 ( - It is now a half-century since the Hebrew-speaking Catholic community in Jerusalem was granted approval to use its language in the liturgy.

Over the past few days, the small Catholic community in Jerusalem that prays in Hebrew, has been celebrating the event, reported the Italian newspaper Avvenire.

The community celebrated its golden anniversary with Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Franciscan Custodian of the Holy Land, who for years has personally cared for this small community "to keep alive the memory of the bond between Christianity and its Jewish roots," observed Avvenire.

The rest is here.