Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The Washington Times reports today that a teacher is to be punished for discussing the Gospels and praising Jews in his classroom. You'd think he'd know better than that by now, wouldn't you. Some people just don't seem to read the newspapers. I must say, though, that the 40 months in prison and the flogging with 750 lashes does seem a bit much.

Oh, did you think this occured in an American public school? Understandable, I suppose. When two great cultures begin to think as one it can be somewhat confusing. This was Saudi Arabia. The view of the Gospels is similar but the Saudi penal code seems to have taken a different fork in the road than our own.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) -- A court sentenced a teacher to 40 months in prison and 750 lashes for "mocking religion" after he discussed the Bible and praised Jews, a Saudi newspaper reported yesterday.
Al-Madina newspaper said secondary-school teacher Mohammad al-Harbi, who will be flogged in public, was taken to court by his colleagues and students.

The rest of the Washington Times report is here.