Monday, November 14, 2005

The Chaldean Church

. . .is centered in Iraq. Along with a new government it now looks as though most Iraqi Christians will soon have a new liturgy. The Asia News article doesn't give any detail, although it does contain the terrifying words "pastoral purposes". We shall have to wait and see what Chaldean Christians think of it.

From Asia News:

Chaldean Synod: Bishops to present Pope with reformed liturgy

The final text of the new mass is expected for tomorrow after seven years spent working on it. Participants say reforming the liturgy was the priority, not politics.

Rome (AsiaNews) – The final version of the reformed liturgy of the Chaldean Church will be presented to the Pope tomorrow morning. The Holy Father will also receive all the Chaldean bishops who are currently taking part in their Church’s special synod that began on November 8 in Rome.

This synod comes seven months after the last one that took place in a Baghdad. Its focus was almost exclusively on the liturgy and private law, overshadowing more political issues that some bishops had highlighted in the period leading up to it.

“There was no way of discussing anything else,” a source close to the synod told AsiaNews. “Reforming the liturgy was the main issue. We had been working on it for seven years and everyone expected the meeting to come up with final version.”

The rest is here.

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