Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Miers: Even the Egregious David Frum Has Doubts

Is this a first? David Frum disagreeing with his idol, G.W. Bush? I think it may be.

There seems to be an avalanche of disappointment from every corner. The N.Y. Times in a remarkably perceptive piece thinks George has lost his nerve. Pat Oliphant in one panel captures the non-ideological reaction.

Nor are the conservatives any happier. Witness brother Buchanan.

Strolling further through the lush internet undergrowth, we found that David Frum is not the only member of the neojacobins to disagree with their leader. Rush isn't best pleased. Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard is "depressed" and "demoralized". The the pillar of country-club Republicanism, the Wall Street Journal sees cronyism in the appointment.

Then there's this sort of thing. One would think with the Frist and DeLay legal problems, that George would be avoiding even a hint of scandal. Apparently not.